Sunday, November 8, 2009

Melrose to Burra

November 2

We spent the night in Melrose, a quaint little town of stone buildings and a big, airy pub. Our view from the corner of their caravan park was of a dry creek bed full of old river gums. Knotholes in these trees provided good nesting spots for birds: there were sacred kingfishers just above our van, and higher up a clutch of galahs.

The cool change prophesied did not come and we drove through the Clare Valley in more of the extreme heat we'd been experiencing all week. Gladstone, where we stopped for lunch was baking.

There was no-one on the streets; they'd all retreated into air-conditioned homes or shops.
We stopped in Burra, another quaint little town with a creek running through. If we hadn't had our own accommodation we would have stayed in these National Trust -run miners' cottages at $80 a night. Next time.

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