Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Melbourne to Daylesford

November 15

Brunch with the cousins and a visit to a craft market in the morning. A couple of buskers were making merry at the entrance to the hall where the market was held.

While we waited for the others who were still shopping inside, I tried rather unsuccessfully to capture an image of Ray, Michael and me in a convenient shop window. Michael has honed these mirror image shots to a fine art, but I'm still learning not to hold the camera in front of my face.

We said farewell to the cousins and chugged off north towards pretty rolling countryside.

The signs welcomed us to "spa country" and the towns were full of upscale cafes, bed-and-breakfast cottages, and of course spas offering all sorts of luxury, much of it lost on me as I've never enjoyed sitting in a bath, regardless of whether it is filled with rose petals, dead sea salt, essence of ylang-ylang, melted chocolate (ugh), or just plain water.

Daylesford, where we stopped for the night, is one such town. Caravanners are obviously not the clientele they are angling for: the luxury did not stretch to the two caravan parks which were both rather scruffy.

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