Monday, October 19, 2009


October 13-14

The days when caravan parks used to have powered sites for vans and trailers and unpowered sites for tents are long gone. Now most tenters also want a powered site so that they can re-charge their phones and plug in their laptops. The Cairns caravan park was a perfect example of this. Its huge popularity obviously had a lot to do with three free hours of WiFi every day. An evening walk revealed just about every site glowing with the light from computer screens or small TVs. We are no exception, of course.
Those who arrive too late in the day to get a powered site plug their battery chargers into the outlets in the washrooms. Several places we stayed had signs about theft of these items while their owners were in the shower.

We booked a reef trip for the day after we arrived so that we could do more snorkelling. Our destination was Green Island, a cay just off the coast with a resort hotel, but an open beach. Once again we were enthralled by the fish and coral that was so close to us, especially in the first hour or so when the tide was low and the reef was right there, just below the surface of the water. No photos. I fractionally regret not renting an underwater camera, although my photos wouldn't look any different, or even as good as, commercial ones.

I did have the camera for the Cairns waterfront though, and thought their lagoon was delightful.

Like most coastal towns, there's an esplanade along the waterfront, filled with mature figs, palms and banyans. Now that we are in the "wet tropics, the growth is lush and the tree branches drip with ferns and epiphytes.

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