Friday, October 2, 2009

Boreen Point

September 26

In the morning we went for a long walk along the lakeshore, passing a caravan and tenting site chock-a-block with happy campers. It's the middle of school holidays in Queensland, and many families have migrated to the coast where the kids can ride their bikes, swim and dig in the sand while the adults lounge in folding chairs and drink copious amounts of beer. Some of the tent and awning constructions are quite elaborate, especially where friends appear to have booked adjoining sites and set up a maze of interlocking tents, vans and canopies.

Nevertheless, the lake is so large that it is easy to find secluded spaces, especially if you don't mind hiking along the foreshore trails for some distance.

Cousin Jeff tired us out with just such a walk to what he says is the "prettiest beach in Australia (or did he say the world?)

September 27

We drove to the thriving upscale beach community of Noosa Heads and walked again, along the beach.

A true Queenslander, Jeff was appropriately attired to combat the hole in the ozone layer that lies over eastern Australia.

Others were soaking up the rays.

On our way back towards the car park, we sighted a koala in a tree overhanging the headland. It's rare to see these creatures anywhere but in a wildlife preserve, but they are apparently common in the Noosa area. Not easy to photograph though.

Noosa's main shopping street was thronged with young, beautiful people. Presumably also rich, judging by the prices in the clothing shops. A swimsuit that caught my eye was $250. I settled for a passionfruit icecream instead.

After dinner back at Boreen Point Jeff left to drive back to Brisbane. Tomorrow will be back at the office for him.

September 28

We decided to stay on at Jeff's cottage for another day, just lazing on the deck, walking through the town and along the shore again.
We are both tremendously charmed by the pelicans, which can be seen in groups or singly anywhere that there is water, whether it's lake, river or beach.

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