Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PERU: Paracas and the Coast (January 24-25, 2017)

Arriving in the tropical heat and humidity of Paracas after the stark, cold beauty of the Andes was like switching from black-and-white to full colour. Bright flowers like Hibiscus were everywhere.

 In the town's small square, bougainvilleas were rioting over a pergola.

Along the seafront cheery little boats were floating on the blue water.

The heat and humidity drew a few locals to the beach, although few were swimming.

Most people preferred to seek the shade in one of various cafes along the Malecon,

... where they were serenaded by an assortment of buskers.

Seagulls and a lone black pelican hung about, hoping for scraps. A couple of enterprising characters with a bucket of small fish had lured the pelican and were doing a good trade charging for photos.

We spent a couple of days enjoying the laid-back vibe and watching the parade of locals, backpackers and well-heeled city folk before catching a bus for the two-hour run back to Lima.

The route was along a four-lane divided highway, another contrast with the narrow, winding roads of the mountains. Although it was a sunny day, the bus's tinted windows made everything greyer than in reality. On the ocean side we passed huge sand dunes,

... and small beaches, often lined by gated communities or a roadside strip of restaurants and bars.

We were returning to the lovely Hostal El Patio for our final night in Peru, and that evening took the opportunity to visit Amazonia, a nearby shop selling crafts from the interior villages.

Travelling with only a carry-on bag each prevents our buying souvenirs like these attractive little paintings.

 However, we did find room for a hand-embroidered runner that now adorns our old pine coffee table.

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