Saturday, February 22, 2014

En route to Malacca (aka Melaka)

Monday, November 4th

After an early breakfast, we caught a bus to the quay and a ferry back to the mainland, where we secured tickets on the next bus leaving for Malacca. We had hoped to find some fruit to take with us, but had no luck in the little stalls lining the road beside the bus station, and had to be content with some cookies and dried bananas.
The cookies had an odd and salty combination of red-skinned peanuts and tiny fish in them, which was nicer than it sounds, while the bananas had been sliced and sautéed in palm sugar.

The bus was comfortable as usual, and one of the roomier ones with two seats on one side and only one on the other.

The trip was uneventful but long, passing through jungle, palm and pineapple plantations, gouged-out hillsides where mining of some kind was taking place, and undistinguished towns and villages. Although it was on the main highway all the way, it took 71/2 hours to reach our destination, allowing for a couple of 10-minute rest stops.

On arrival in Malacca, we took a cab across the city to our accommodation at the Wayfarers' Guest House on the river on the heart of the Old Town.

 Although we had hoped for a room overlooking the river, we booked too late and had to be content with one that opened onto an internal light well. Nevertheless, it was very comfortable, clean and attractive, and no doubt quieter than those facing the busy river. We strolled the short distance to the main tourist zone along Jonker Street for an evening meal, which was typical tourist fare and not that great. Back at the guesthouse, we killed a couple of mosquitoes and turned in for the night.

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